Digital Nomads LIVE!! – Ladies First was the first event where women came together online to share their experiences and discuss lifestyle topics.

We talked live for 12-hours about relationships, travel, wellness and more.

There were 7 interviews and 5 panels; it deviated a little bit from the original format because one of our guests had a personal issue and couldn’t show up, but in the best roll-with-the-punches style that we’re accustomed to we managed to get an impromptu panel going on the spot, and it was really good!

Here’s a preview of some “ah-ha” and “oh-shit” moments we heard about:

Did you miss it? Did you come but couldn't see it all?

Actually, only Mariza has actually seen the whole event; even her
co-producer had to leave to run some errants during the transmission.

But now you can see it all in HD video, available to stream or download.

The video package is organised in 12 separate files of about one hour each,
and it ALSO includes everything on mp3 if you want to put it on your iPod and listen on the run.

Thanks to our partners who helped us promote this event:

Meet Your Host, Mariza

A digital nomad since 2015, Mariza is the host of the Abroad Podcast, featuring inspiring stories of the many people who choose to work and live abroad. Yearning for more accessible dialogues about the lifestyle of work and travel, she decided to expand beyond host and guest and create this ambitious and bold event to bring hundreds together to part of the conversation.


She’s currently in Bulgaria, hustling several online endeavors while in the company of her silly Brazilian husband and missing her dog a lot.


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